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this is not required reading [30 May 2006|09:32pm]

           My dad gave me copies of these memoirs and as well as some other family documents including a book written by Philip Grosser on the three years he spent in military prison as a result of his conscientious objector status in World War I. Philip was the oldest of the three Grosser brothers, the youngest, Sidney's memoirs are below and the middle (David) is my great grandfather, making Sidney and Philip my great great uncles. And after reading these memoirs, I am pretty damn sure that sarcasm is a genetic trait (which I have no doubt inherited).

The following are the memoirs of Sidney Grosser, born in Slavuta, Ukraine and emigrated to Vilna, Lithuania in 1915, thence to Korno, Lithuania in 1918 and finally to the U.S. via Sweden in 1923. The writings are edited only when necessary for comprehension and the only omissions are those mistakes that Sidney himself crossed out.











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Friends Only [18 Mar 2004|04:22pm]
Friend (n)- Someone you talk to, and who talks to you

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